HOW TO PLAY VOCABPOKER offers you a game of skills and intellect and also help you prepare for competitive exams. Each level contains fixed sets of words, these words will appear again and again in player's matches so that the player can recall all the words which he/she encountered while playing different levels. Your Probability of winning in this game will increase with number of your attempts.

This level contains two rounds, together both contain 600+ words. These words are compiled into 60 stages in each round and consisting of 10 questions at every level in which you will be asked either for synonyms or meaning of that word. Player can select his answer from given answer, for every correct answer a point will be given to the player. 3, 2 or 1 stars will be provided to the players. For their Excellent (75% correct), Good (50% correct) or satisfactory (25% correct) performance at the end of the stage. As, it is mentioned that there are total 600+ words in this section, the words will repeat again and again. It will help you to recall all the words you encountered while playing.

At the end all player will surely be master in meaning and synonyms of 600 words. Once a player encounters a word it will automatically get added to his word encounter list. Player can see these words any time whenever he/she wants